Frank Worsley

About Frank

I'm a software engineer at Google working on the Search team. My work is focused on contextual awareness and user understanding. Previously I also worked on personalization in the new Google Maps.

Prior to this I founded Zinepal, a simple web service to create custom eBooks and printable PDFs from web content. I also worked at two startups in the bioinformatics and medical device fields.

I was born & raised in Germany before moving to Victoria, BC where I finished high school and attended the University of Victoria. After university I spent a few years in Vancouver, before moving to California, residing both in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I now live in Seattle.


You can contact me on LinkedIn.


In 2014 I hosted Dr. James Shapiro at Google to speak about the latest advances in islet cell transplantation and stem cell technologies for the treatment of diabetes. Here is the recording of Dr. Shapiro's talk on the Talks@Google YouTube channel.

I used to blog occasionally. Here are two of my more useful blog posts on backpacking with diabetes and how to print directly to a network printer.